“Ben from Cronk Studios was awesome! He made sure everything transferred over properly from our last site and was there every step of the way to make sure we understood everything.”

Shopify Theme Design and Setup Service

We set up bots to crawl and capture your website data and migrate your content, SEO data, and get you fully setup and launched on Shopify.
Theme Setup & Design

We'll setup a theme of your choice and all themes settings to match your existing brand but also to bring a fresh new look to your store. Theme setup consists of migrating existing hero banner graphics, modifying all settings to utilize the themes full abilities, setting up sections that are included in the theme, fonts, colors, and other global options.

Product Uploading
  • Product Attributes
  • Product Images
  • Additional Images
  • Meta Data Titles and Descriptions
  • Product Variations
  • Embedded Videos & Images
  • Product Weight & Dimensions
Navigation & Collections

We'll create your navigation and build your taxonomy to match your existing website. We'll also create and map your products to your existing collections using Shopify dynamic rules. ​

  • Create collections and add featured collection image.
  • Map products to use the Shopify collection dynamic rules.
  • Assign products to collections
  • Create and build navigation for header, footer, and optionally left navigation if the theme allows it.
  • Map navigation to theme settings.
Analytics & Tracking Code

If you advertise or use analytics tools to measure your traffic then making sure these codes are back in place properly on Shopify is important. Especially for dynamic reporting that includes transactional data in the conversion reports. ​

  • Google Analytics (Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking)
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Other Tracking Code, Chat Code, or Site Verification Code.
Shopify Settings

We setup your Shopify settings like Shipping, Tax, Payments, and other system options. ​

  • Payments: We will assist in setting up payment processors information for accepting credit cards and also for setting up PayPal to Shopify.
  • Shipping: We will help setup your shipping charges inside Shopify.
  • Tax: We will assist in setting up the tax rules for collecting tax on your orders.
Customers & Orders

If you want customers and orders migrated (optional service) then we'll get all customer accounts migrated and the associated historical orders assigned to their account. ​

  • Customer accounts are migrated and created inside Shopify via API
  • Orders are migrated and assigned to the corresponding customer account via API
  • Once the new Shopify store is launched we'll assist on bulk inviting customers to their account on the Shopify side where they will have access to their order history.
Quality Control

Our quality control process is robust and includes several data crawls of your existing website, and your new Shopify store to ensure all pages are mapped properly, URLs are hopping successfully, and everything is working as it should.​

  • Crawl Existing Website - Initial crawl of your existing website including all discoverable pages and sitemap are captured.
  • 301-Redirects Crawl - We crawl the 301-Redirects URLs that we added to Shopify linking your existing URLs to ensure they are linked properly.
  • Crawl Shopify Website (Pre-Launch) - We crawl the new Shopify site which includes all pages and assets to be sure that all URLs within the Shopify pages are active.
  • Original URL Crawl (Post Launch) - We crawl all of the original URLs captured before the project started to be sure all URLs are linking properly.
  • Crawl Shopify Website (Post-Launch) We crawl the new Shopify site which includes all pages and assets to be sure that all URLs within the Shopify pages are active.
Website Launch

We handle the entire launch process including creating a launch plan that is formally scheduled to be sure all the logistics are taken care of for launch day. ​

  • We will make the necessary DNS (Domain Name) changes to go live with Shopify.‌
  • Set default domain name
  • Set www as default (by request)
  • Connect multiple domain names (by request)
  • Add Shopify SPF records so system notifications use your primary domain.
301 Redirects‌

If you're coming over from another e-commerce platform this is important! We will setup the redirects to go from your current site to the new site pages. This keeps your rank with Google and other search engines. It is important that all canonical URLs are redirects one-to-one to the Shopify handle and no pages are skipped and there are no blanket redirects. This means you should not be deleting or making major content changes during the migration to properly retain your existing SEO rank.

Training Service

If you're looking for some hands on training to get to know how to use your new Shopify store, make edits to the store theme, manage the apps installed during the migration, and understand how to process orders, add products, and much more. Then you will need a training package. We're here to help get you kickstarted on Shopify and will schedule a dedicated time before we launch your new store to get you and your team up to speed with Shopify. This is a 1-Hour training session that can be added to our migration packages.

Shopify Theme Design Service