Google Adwords

For local service businesses looking to get some immediate results, a carefully targeted Google Adwords campaign is extremely effective. For only a couple hundred dollars a month you can dominate the homepage of Google for searches coming from your local area. For example one of my clients is spending less than $500 per month on an Adwords campaign, and they are coming up on the homepage for every keyword search on Long Island that pertains to their specific business. We are able to track the conversions on their websites stemming  from these ads to figure out exactly how much each customer costs them to acquire. For them it ranges between 5-7 dollars per customer. 
For the Adwords it is best to set everything up, and then work on them a little each month. It takes time to dial in the Adwords. We need to see how customer are interacting with the ads in order to make changes accordingly. The goal is get your business in front of the most potential customers for the least amount of money. 
Usually in 3-4 months the ball is rolling and we see some meaningful traction. At that time I can hand off the monthly tasks to you with a course of action that I recommend, or we can keep moving forward and get more creative with the paid and organic marketing.
Contact me below and let me know what you have mind. To get started I’ll just need as much info as you can give on who you want to target, geographical location, any ideas on ad copy, and potential keywords you think potential customers would be searching for. 
Looking forward to working with you!