Marketing Apple Hydraulics

Our theory on building a self sustaining online presence

There are two ways to build momentum for an online store.

1. Spending time and effort
2. Spending Money 

We spend time, effort, and money in ways that will continue to help our clients long after the time, effort, and money has been spent. We want to develop marketing tactics that will continue to drive traffic and sales without an ongoing supply of resources. We want to bring the most value to our clients and provide a service that will continue to benefit long after we have completed the project.

Apple Hydraulics

After building Apple Hydraulics's Online Store, we were tasked with marketing it. 

Apple Hydraulics has relied on us as their sole driver for online traffic and sales since the launch of the online store in 2015. We have approached this responsibility and opportunity with extreme care.

Step 1: Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing an online store so that search engines will favor it is incredibly powerful. Some of the big ones we tackled are:

- Site load time optimization (specifically for products)
- Sitemap submission to major search engines
- Formatted content creation

Step 2: Harvesting a competitors dead backlinks

A previous leader in the Ford Vintage Shock business closed it's doors. A huge opportunity for Apple Hydraulics opened up. We scooped up the competitor's domain when it expired, and redirected all subdomains and dead links to our website. was known throughout the industry, AND they are linked ALL OVER the internet on vintage Ford blogs and forums. We wanted to make sure we got all the links so we redirected any extension of the domain to our site: Not only did this boost sales and visits but it established Apple hydraulics as the leader in the industry for vintage Ford shock absorbers repairs.

Step 3: Online Reputation Development

In the vintage automotive restoration business, forums, discussion boards, and online reputation are huge. Apple Hydraulics had a couple threads of bad press floating around that looked to be fabricated by a competitor. We got in touch with the forum moderator to correct false information. Along with this, we built our own review page at The first page of google for search terms Apple Hydraulics and Apple Hydraulics Reviews now work for the business rather than against it.

The Results: Steady Growth

Rather than buying banner ads, marketing on social media, and focusing on ways to bill the client on a recurring basis, we built a strong foundation for Apple Hydraulics to grow their online presence with minimal upkeep. We came into this business relationship looking to provide value that would outlast our project. We now Manage Apple Hydraulics Online full time. We developed a unique process for core refunds, shipping optimization, and online billing through Shopify instead of their old 1994 program.

Marketing Apple Hydraulics